Güneş Kayacık


Greetings! I am a data scientist at Okta. In the past I have worked on projects which I can briefly summarize as 'unsupervised learning in big data' or 'finding (security related) needles in many haystacks.'

Both professionally and in my leisure time, I like tinkering with data. Sometimes, I use data visualization and basic statistics, and sometimes my favorite machine learning algorithms come out to play. Mostly, I enjoy solving the puzzles that are found in large-scale, high dimensional, noisy datasets whether it involves intrusion detection, cloud or mobile device security.

In the past, I worked on getting computers to create buffer overflow attacks, detecting botnets from large scale DNS data and recently using mobile device sensor data to make mobile devices recognize their users. This site provides some information on my current and past research. Please refer to the list of publications to find detailed information. Send me an email at my_last_name (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions, require further information about my research, or want to get in touch.